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Events and films on the camp from Anti-G8-Alliance for a revolutionary perspective
Anti-G8-Alliance for a revolutionary perspective 18. Juli 2006

Saturday, 5th august:
Introduction of the alliance

We want to use the mobilization against the G8 in a situation of intensifying contradictions within society, in order to connect the resistance against capitalist aggressions within the society and on a global level with the struggle for a free society. With this mobilization against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, we want to introduce revolutionary positions, reach all parts of society and develop an effective practice which is targeted against capitalism and imperialism.

Delegates of the alliance will introduce our positions, the goals of the mobilization and propositions for a further cooperation with other groups and alliances.

Sunday, 6th august:
IT-Security and political militance

How can we on one hand use progress and on the other protect ourselves against the repressive attacks? The information technology has reformed political life profoundly: often meetings are set by e-mail or sms, information is hastily taken from Websites and so forth.

Whether PC, internet or telephone, all these media can and should be used as a means of revolutionary resistance. But security should neither be neglected nor should it paralyze activities. In the class struggle, we will have to adjust our working techniques with these tools to make it suitable to current situations and the counter-revolution.
Organized by Revolutionärer Aufbau Switzerland

Monday, 7th august:
The war on information

Before the bombings in military strikes start, people’s minds at the “inner front” are being targeted. The media tries to establish consent in the population to a war by arguing, that wars are humanitarian actions for democracy and human rights. The importance of ruling the information politics is not only to consider in the context of war, but also in everyday political life. We are showing the different mechanisms of manipulation By means of the examples of the Nato-war against Yugoslavia, Bertelsmann, which is a Think-Tank and media corporation and the consultant company GCS (Greenberg, Carville and Shrum) which supported the election campaign of neo-liberal candidate Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada in Bolivia.
Organized by Gegeninformationsbüro Berlin

Tuesday, 8th august:
Imperialism versus Empire

The capitalist globalization marks a worldwide attack of the ruling classes against the masses: intensified exploitation, wars, pauperization, destruction of the natural resources of humankind. The effects of this attack are, on an ideological level, reaching deep into the leftist spectrum. The term of imperialism and the connected class analysis has been unreflective and rashly disposed in favour of post modern conceptions. The bestselling book “Empire” by Negri and Hardt along with its reformist conclusions, bridged a market gap.

We also want to show that Lenin’s theory of imperialism is in any way more suitable to prepare an understanding of the recent developments of capitalism and to found a revolutionary perspective.
Organized by Gruppe Arbeitermacht

During the camp, the films which are to be seen in the tent of the “Anti-G8-Alliance for a revolutionary perspective“ are

The directed president (USA 2004)
A film about the methods of an US-American consultant company in the re-election campaign of the neo-liberal president Lozada in Bolivia 2002.

It began with a lie (Germany 2001)
The film unmasks the propaganda of the red-green government which was about to legitimate the application of the Bundeswehr (German army) in the Nato-war against Yugoslavia.

Darwin’s nightmare (France, Austria, Belgium 2004)
In the sixties, Nile-perches were set out in Lake Victoria. Today the fish supplanted almost every native species and has become a long seller. The documentary shows the devastating effects of the capitalist way of production in a moving manner.

The Fourth World War (USA 2003)
The film is about the recent social conflicts in Mexico, Argentine, Israel/Palestine, Korea, South-Africa, North-America and Europe.

The history of the CCC (Belgium 2004)
In the eighties the Cellules Communistes Combattantes (Combating Communist Cells) were founded in Belgium. This film, which was produced by the Belgian TV-station RTL, shows the history of the CCC.

Five factories: workers control in Venezuela (Venezuela 2006)
Workers in Venezuela show alternative ways of organization and models of workers control.

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 18. Juli 2006